yajuan4183: FIFA 16 game features is introduced by FIFA 16

FIFA 16 game features is introduced by FIFA 16

30 List 2015 o 07:54

FUT Coins will faithfully rendering the scene atmosphere, game bring unparalleled visual effect, and the new 3 d viewers mood will be the ups and downs with the field of the game. Players will also pay attention to the development of the game at any time, and see what to do - if you don't have much time left, and even have to rely on score to open the deadlock, the player's crisis consciousness tend to rise, and will push for admission and grasp to throw the ball, the opportunity to corner kick or a goal kick. FIFA 16 in the 14 players will be able to in a short as human forecast to make smart choices and response time. All 22 players have "professional", be able to make forecast and reaction according to the situation around, just like a world class football player.

Ball player action will come from more intuitive, and can predict the opponent's shovel ball movement and respond, thus can avoid flash opponent's outstretched foot collisions, or arm against defenders or resistance to use collision, and then turn the body weathering the crisis. Defensive player will also predict opponents action to make stop and stolen, and use the arms to slow down the speed of the attacking players. EA SPORTS IGNITE will present the world's top athletes filled with bursts of action and biomechanics. The depth of the host than the old generation, animation and fine degree was 10 times higher than the previous. Precise mobile that athletes can make body, one leg rotation and through action, and make full use of every step taken.

Travel very real player, completely changed the game. Players more down-to-earth, more agile and more flexible, and can use fixed on one foot and shift to manage their momentum, and the profession the realistic movements of players the original moved to "FIFA 16". By fully using the next generation of host performance, and memory, FIFA 16 also brought "elite skills" - hundreds of new techniques, including the new way of shot (#( for example, sideways volley shot, the ball to and the first volley from )#), and a new passing style (#( such as ball, preach, cutting and hanging head, there are hundreds of new players, including step moving ball, in the face of defensive player turned around, response of shoot the ball, shoot the ball dropped out of balance and so on, these are all attributed to the surge of next generation host memory capacity.cheaprs166

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