mariahada: Are additives in food good?

Are additives in food good?

27 List 2015 o 07:51

Natural sweeteners such as glucose, fructose, sucrose, maltose, starch sugar and lactose are important nutrients, but being eaten for a long time, so they are usually regarded as food raw materials. Natural non-nutritive sweeteners have received increasing attention, and it is the trend of sweeteners. WHO pointed out that diabetes has reached more than 50 million and one-fourth per cent of Americans want low calorie food. United States primarily use aspartame as sugar substitutes, Japan mainly use stevioside, and Europeans are interested in AK sugar (acesulfame).

What are food additives? For examples, sweeteners, flavour enhancers, sodium citrate, protease enzymes and bleaching agents in food are food additives. About sweeteners, according to the sources, they can be classified as natural sweeteners and artificial sweeteners. Stevia aspartame sweetener, saccharin sodium, glycyrrhizic acid, glycyrrhizic acid disodium, aspartame sweetener, xylitol sweetener are all sweeteners. Sweeteners are popular among food and beverage because they can make the product get good flavor and preserve fresh taste.

Additives in food have various functions, different types of food additives have different functions. Emulsifiers in food is a magical matter that can make oil and water to form a stable emulsion, because we know oil and water do not mix with each other. Citric acid or sodium citrate are acidity regulators. They are the main flavoring in foods. Because of their advantage of increasing appetite, promoting digestion and absorption, most of the food and beverages contain these ingredients.

The good taste milk powder may need anticaking agents. Anti-caking agent is used to prevent caking of granule or powdered food gathering, keeping it loose or free flowing material. A maximum amount of milk powder, cocoa powder, cocoa butter, powdered sugar is 15G/kg, and a maximum amount of powder flavors is 80g/kg.

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