yajuan4183: The standard maintenance of RS upon July 19 in order to 22

The standard maintenance of RS upon July 19 in order to 22

23 List 2015 o 04:36

Regular maintenance in our network infrastructure is the main upgrade program, is going to be in the arriving days. The plan would be to solve some players might have experienced previously few weeks the actual server connection issue.

While the online game world will still open, will maintain the connection being interrupted and potential server disconnect throughout the following:

July nineteen (Friday): in between 8 am as well as 9 am BST. This summer 19 (Fri): to be decided (later within the day you will see a second circular). On This summer 20, Saturday: 8: 00 the. m. to runescape gold 9: 00 'm BST. On Weekend, July 21: 8: 00 the. m. to 9: 00 'm BST. On twenty two July (Mon): at 8 the. m. to 9: 00 'm BST. Please put time into the players within the local time area.

Due to there's the risk of the bolt, we urged the players don't participate in any kind of adventure activity, which can cause of these items or losing wealth. Thank you for the continued patience.cheaprs166

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