yajuan4183: The Brazilian World Cup Top 32 team have listed the players

The Brazilian World Cup Top 32 team have listed the players

23 List 2015 o 04:35

On May 14, as Spain, Italy, Portugal, France, Argentina and other 2014 Brazil's World Cup squad, 32 teams have completed the work submitted entry list. Every World Cup squad came, hard to avoid can play a few "glad several sorrow", after all, there is always a few fans hero, the stage of World Cup. This year, "LiChou play" is little also, it is the main melody youthful storm - when the world football team coach happen to coincide to choose more young players, the Brazilian World Cup, the song of youth will be made.

By Beijing time on May 14th afternoon, all of the 32 teams for the World Cup coach submitted a list of the first big and be released. This list maximum of 30 people, list will consist of a player's name and birthplace, dates of birth, number, club, height, weight, content and data such as international appearances and goals.

Submitted after the list, and central European time on May 18, the clubs have to the World Cup squad the unconditional release of the national team players.After the National People's Congress announced 30, 32 teams will need to FUT 16 points be on June 2, in the final list of 23 people, which must include three goalkeepers. However, if a player suffered injuries, teams can also be in the 24 hours before the start of the first group replacement players, but the change of the player, who must be in before 30.cheaprs166

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