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as his brother Anyk did at that age

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Day service at the National War Memorial Bridal Gloves Black Friday , works for an Ottawa construction company and lives in a modest home in Cantley, Que.about 40 minutes north of Ottawa.On Thursday, an SUV with a Support our Troops sticker was parked in the driveway.A woman who answered the door and identified herself as Gervais’s wife declined to talk to the Citizen.The couple, who according to media reports have been receiving death threats, will issue a statement Friday, she said.A spokesperson for the company, who gave only her first name, Chantal, said Gervais had worked there for about 10 years and was a good employee.Questions about Gervais arose almost immediately after he was interviewed near the war memorial by CBC reporter Diana Swain during live coverage of the Nov.ever serving in the Canadian military.Among the anomalies Womack spotted were Gervais’s ill-fitting beret, crooked collar insignia, improper tunic buttons, outdated brigade insignia and his rare and hard-to-earn Pathfinders Torch.Gervais wasn’t wearing the red sash that non-commissioned officers wear with their dress uniform, and he wore non-regulation transitional sunglasses and a non-regulation beard.He bought the RCR insignia on the website Kijiji.The ad was taken down Thursday morning.Soldiers are allowed to sell their insignia, Womack said.It’s not something I would do, but they’re yours.Everything that got sold to him is purchased by a member when he joins a unit and yes, he can sell it.Other photos of Gervais’s Facebook page, since taken down, show him in a dress uniform at what appears to be a wedding.Brigade arm flash, sergeant stripes and an NCO’s red sash but over the wrong shoulder.a gold braid called an aiguillette on his right chest Bridal Veils Black Friday , something only an officer is entitled to do.Womack said that Gervais’s uniform might fool the public, but it would never fool a soldier.He wouldn’t speculate on why Gervais chose to wear a uniform to Remembrance his own bizarre way he wants to emulate it.Gervais was published.was posing as a soldier.a disservice to the proud men and women of the Canadian Armed Forces, who earn the right to wear their uniforms for the hard work and sacrifices made for our country.cannot comment on the specific case as the investigation is ongoing.Canada s most famous non-soldier, facing a storm of public outrage and the launch of a police investigation, has decided to lay low.then forget himFranck Gervais, the man believed to have inappropriately donned a Canadian Army uniform on expected to release a public statement some time on Friday.Gervais, dressed in a not quite perfect uniform of a sergeant of the Royal Canadian Regiment, was interviewed by CBC at the Remembrance Day ceremony in Ottawa.Members of the Armed Forces and veterans were quick to notice that while his uniform was authentic enough to the untrained eye, subtle details were wrong.Gervais also appeared to be decked out in some very rare, prestigious medals and decorations that very few soldiers earn.A social media backlash ensued, and Gervais was quickly identified.The Canadian Forces have confirmed that not only is Franck Gervais not a serving member of the Armed Forces, there is apparently no record of anyone under that name ever having served.This means Gervais is in a heap of trouble.CBC wearing a bogus uniform of a Royal Canadian Regiment sergeant during the Nov.Remembrance Day service at the National War Memorial, did not answer his cellphone or reply to emails on Thursday.An SUV with a Support our Troops sticker was parked in the driveway of his home in Cantley, Que.A woman who answered the door and identified herself as Mr.Gervais s wife declined to talk to a reporter.The couple, who according to media reports has been receiving death threats, will issue a statement Friday, she said.Posing as a serving soldier is a criminal offence in Canada, and Ottawa police have said they are investigating.Gervais works for Potvin Construction in Rockland, a stair assembler.A spokeswoman Junior Bridesmaid Dresses Black Friday , who gave only her first name, Chantal, said Mr.Gervais had worked there for about 10 years and was a good employee.We don t really have anything to say because we don t know what they do on their own time, she said.Questions arose almost immediately after Mr.Gervais was interviewed near the war memorial during CBC s live coverage of the Nov.John Jantunen lives with his partner and two sons in Guelph, where he is the co-founder of Vocamus Press.One of his short stories recently appeared in the anthology Fractured: Tales Of The Canadian Post-Apocalypse, released by Exile Editions in September, and his debut novel, Cipher, was published by ECW in October.The latter is a mystery revolving around the hunt for the people who abducted and murdered the granddaughter of the richest man in Saskatchewan.It is set in Regina.There is a framed photograph of my oldest son, Drake, on one of the bookshelves in our den.He is three years old and dressed in a pair of rubber boots and a bright red winter jacket.He is standing at the edge of a sandbox in a playground on the south shore of False Creek, a short walk from Granville Island.His foot is raised and he is about to stomp into a large puddle that has made an island of the slide that’s just visible in the bottom left hand corner of the picture.He looks almost exactly the same as his brother Anyk did at that age.Same reckless abandon.A 23-year-old version of myself is standing beside him and smiling awkwardly into the camera, or rather at the person who was holding it.Tanja and I had only been together for a couple of months when she took the picture (we celebrated our nineteenth anniversary last August).It was the first time she’d accompanied me when I visited my son.I was a little distracted and thus couldn’t foresee the kind of trouble Drake was about to get me into with his mother when, 15 minutes later, I would bring him home early, soaking wet and crying from the cold (though the fact that I’d brought my new girlf.

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