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Your lifestyle and food additives

13 List 2015 o 05:55

About the issue of food and safety, people should treat it in a rational, objective and scientific way. Food is a necessary part of our life. We want a qualified life, we like all kinds of wonderful food. Food can give us energy, food have us feel life, food also let us learn to thankful. People have different life styles, some may like a cup of coffee in the morning, some may prefer some desserts in the afternoon. That's the life.

Most of us like a glass of milk at night, for they want to have a good night. But, some people say there are so many additives in milk and they are bad for your health. Is that really? Milk contain a wealth of l-tryptophan, and l-tryptophan can be used to manufacture hormone 5-serotonin and melatonin. L-tryptophan can inhibit the brain activity so as to make people sleepy. However, the small amount tryptophan isn't enough to cause fluctuation of hormone levels in the body. In addition, the tryptophan in the milk to be transported to the brain probably not as easy as expected. In order to protect the fragile and important brain, the capillary structure of brain prevent a number of compounds in the blood go into the brain. That is the so-called blood-brain barrier. Any material that want you sleep peacefully must pass through the blood-brain barrier firstly. Tryptophan in milk mostly are powerless in front of the blood-brain barrier. So, drink a glass of milk at night does not play a significant role in sleep.

In fact, use of food additives in processed food is almost inevitable. There are types of food additives you may not know. But do not be scared about it. You should make sure what are food additives. According to the definition of food additives, the most common food additives are bleaching agent, leavening agent, colorant, flavor enhancers, preservatives, spices, etc. Within national standards for use of food additives are harmless, and food safety incidents like formaldehyde, Sudan, or melamine are not food additives.

In my opinion, food safety problems not only people should have an positive attitude toward them, but also strict rules need to be made to additives manufacturing. Buy regular factory products through the formal channels is the best means for consumers to protect themselves. There are so many food additives suppliers around the world, choose a reliable supplier is a guarantee to food safety.

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