yesilm: snow boots have a certain purchasing power of women

snow boots have a certain purchasing power of women

3 List 2015 o 07:48
We often say that "UGG snow boots," referring to the majority of the UGG Australia brand snow boots, the price of the brand shoes, boots generally more than 2,000 yuan, 2,600 yuan more than boots.

In mid-January last year, UGG Australia settled in Hangzhou, through a whole year, its sales figures month by month, and in November last year, in December reached its peak. "Last year, December sales have reached more than 400 million, in January this year is expected to reach five million." Mall official said.

It is reported that, to counter the selection of mostly snow boots have a certain purchasing power of women, and to start quickly, they spend an average shopping trip in 2000-2600 yuan, the price can buy mostly classic UGGs Outlet snow boots. "UGG snow boots, the price is relatively high, given the mix of problems, the first twin will choose maroon, gray, black this classic." In counter selection of shoes Ms. Chen said.

Many brands rushed to seize the market snow boots

Who says only UGG do?

Someone like classic, it was love unconventional. "Spend two thousand yuan to buy a pair UGG, then find and colleagues at the foot of the Amoy Bora naked eye look almost the same UGG Boots Black Friday as that paragraph? I quit." In six months of Xu Qi bank said. Her feet wearing snow boots last November to online shopping, the ankle has a great circle plush side, spent about 650 yuan.

Like her with "heavy design is not re-brand" the crowd, in fact, there are many. "In the Hangzhou market, we found that with diamond, beads, rivets kind of designer snow boots are selling particularly well, which exceeded our expectations." Shepherd, general manager of Health and Shanghai sales company Wang Wei said. It is reported that Intime martial arts shop sells a short section of snow boots with beaded, almost every week included in the "replenishment team."

In recent years, like the shepherd born, yellow earth designed to do this kind of snow boots brands have also entered the Hangzhou market, the price is almost lower than the UGG UGGs Clearance Sale Australia, a variety of styles of design is constantly break the people "to buy UGG snow boots "the concept of.

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