mroja: Sports Betting Champ Results Game by Game

Sports Betting Champ Results Game by Game

28 Led 2016 o 12:40
Elite Bets Review

Value is a term that is most often used as a poker strategy describing a betting tactic known as betting for value. Unlike trying to buy a pot by betting a large amount a value bet or raise tries to entice other players to call; thus raising the total size of the pot.Value betting is much different than other betting strategies like bluffing, slow playing, or a protection bet. A value bet can used either on a drawing hand or a made hand. The basic idea is to raise the pot size when there is a positive expectation that you will win the hand.Though you will in most cases value bet for value when you have a made hand there are times you may bet or raise with only a draw. A strong drawing hand that will hit more the 50% time is a good hand to bet for value on. When you find yourself in this situation determine your expected value by.

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