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Additives and ingredients in food

28 Led 2016 o 10:20

With the development of the food industry and the improvement of people's living standards, food additive in food storage, transportation, quality and flavor play an increasingly important role. According to the food additives definition of the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) and the World Health Organization (WHO) Joint Committee, food additives are a small amount intentional food additives added to foods in order to improve the appearance, flavor and organizational structure or storage nature non-nutritive substances.

Most common use preservatives and additives in food are titanium dioxide food additive, e300 citric acid food additive, flavour additive 621, carrageenan food additive, potassium chloride food additive, propylene glycol food additive, guar gum food additive, silicon dioxide food additive and so on. Also e100, e120, e122, e202, e211, e331, e635, e627 etc are for different use e no additives.

Colourings in food is one part of food industry. Many public think healthy food colouring is natural food colourings, and the synthetic food dyes or artificial food coloring are harmful, this is one-sided. How to make natural food coloring for baking? Natural blue food colouring, natural green food dye, natural red food coloring, cochineal food coloring are common food colourants. But yellow food dye, carmine food coloring, black food dye, white food dye, food color blue are also popular food additives colours. The healthy food colouring ingredients proved by fda. Red color food may have red colouring in food; natural vegetable carbon black color is black powder with black food colouring. Premium suppliers such as china food additives suppliers are validated by native professional sourcing team members from China. They cooperate with the professional manufacturers and companies. Color in food makes the food colorful and appealing. We care about colouring and the food, some may care about color ingredients and is food colouring vegan or not is important to someone.

Most foods contain additives, as long as the uses of food additives are in accordance with national standards and proper use of them, the benefits of food additives are harmless to the human body. Therefore, do not be afraid of them. An objective attitude is necessary, so just figure out whether the ingredients is safe. Health is important, as well as a good mood that the food brings is also what we want.

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