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A Good Organic Diet

27 Led 2016 o 10:25
27 Body Transformation Habits You Can’t Ignore

Red meat, offals (animal organs), or other meat products such as dairies, (and egg yolks) are the most common sources of saturated fats and LDLs or "bad cholesterols." You should strive hard to limit its consumption or totally eliminate it from your diet. You should also avoid crabs, prawns, and lobsters, and stay away from processed foods that have trans fats like those with hydrogenated oils and shortening ingredients in its food label.

Also a great way to naturally rid of your body's extra cholesterol is to eat certain foods that lower cholesterol. Aside from limiting your intake of bad cholesterols to stop its further accumulation in your body, you can additionally reduce your current cholesterol count by eating the following: chili beans, lentil soup, oily fish meals, garlicky foods, oatmeal with nuts (preferably walnuts or almonds), and other whole wheat or whole grain foods as well as fruits and vegetables. Notice that these foods are almost all plant based, hence they have absolutely no cholesterol and at the same time can either increase the body's HDL (good cholesterols) or help flush out excess cholesterols or supply the body with nutrients to fight against heart and other high cholesterol related diseases.

For more information on food that lower cholesterol, seek professional advice from a local naturopath who would help keep you on track; she will help to determine the areas of your diet that need attention, and to speed up the process of lowering your cholesterol levels, and assist you in reaching your goal towards better health.

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