joyspriscilla: Best Relationship Advice for Women

Best Relationship Advice for Women

25 Led 2016 o 07:43
Erect On Demand

If you want to get him to love you, be yourself. If you are not being yourself, then who are you being and how long can you keep up the charade? It's far better to be yourself and have him not fall for you, than

it would be to have him fall for the person you're pretending to be. Imagine the blow to your self-esteem if you suddenly realize that even though he's telling you he loves you, he doesn't really know you at all. How bad would that make you feel about yourself?

The other part of this story is that you won't be happy either. If you don't love yourself enough to show the real you, how can you expect anyone else to love you? Another common mistake is trying too hard. It's not a perfect world out there so don't try to be perfect. He needs to see you in good times and not so good ones. Guys don't really want nor need perfection. If he sees you falling all over yourself trying to make everything perfect for him, even if your intentions are the best, it will turn him off. Perfection is hard to live up to. If he thinks you're a perfectionist, even if it's for his benefit, eventually he may feel that you are just too hard to live up to and he won't want to even bother trying.

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