Davisoner: even if he does suffer from gratuitous cubic zirconia!

even if he does suffer from gratuitous cubic zirconia!

14 Led 2016 o 07:23

I’ve seen a couple of queries noting the similarity of the blue leather to the navy pandora earrings cheap leather bracelet; this one does look dark, but it is the right stock image. It might be that this pre-release image’s colour is a little off, but it’s different to the navy autumn double leather if you look. You can see a glimpse of this new blue leather in person in my spring/summer live images!Summer releases never tend to appeal to me as much as others, as I usually go for the subtler colours of spring or winter collections. My only summery project is a teal-and-white-themed oxidised bracelet, and I’m not sure any of these fit with that. Having said that, I do like the new Mosaic pavé charms; the mix of green and blue stones do a really lovely job of conveying the variety and vibrancy of colour within the sea. The leather bracelets are intriguing, too, but I’d have to see them in person.The stand-out piece for me is that beautiful Orchid dangle. The Dolphin is also so cute, even if he does suffer from gratuitous cubic zirconia!

The pandora bracelets Summer 2015 collection is due to be released on the 28th of May. All stock images are property of Pandora, so please do not reproduce them without credit. I only have prices for the US currently, but this will be a global release.

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