negfess: Marie Prom has teamed up with fashion bloggers to advent retail market in a huge way!

Marie Prom has teamed up with fashion bloggers to advent retail market in a huge way!

12 Led 2016 o 11:12
Marie Prom has teamed up with fashion bloggers to advent retail market in a huge way!

Marieprom started collaborations with the fashion bloggers UK online to capture the retail market of prom dresses., the famous prom dresses online stores has started social popularity building campaign of their collections collaborating with the fashion bloggers UK online.

Marieprom is utilizing the services of fashion bloggers, with established social media presence, for banner listing collaboration and free give away campaign to make the brands popular and thus increasing sales.

According to an executive of the organization, “More than thousand styles of unique occasion dresses and formal dresses, including long, short, vintage and many more. All these are tailor made to cling to the curves and enhance the personality and gracious look. Moreover there are options to have free choice of colors and sizes”.

Marieprom long prom dresses are presented with delicate embroidery that brings the best patterns for all occasions. These are available in many colors and one can use the as picture option to get dress similar to the picture.

Black prom dresses from marieprom are available in both long and short type and for occasions like social evenings and cocktail parties as well. The online stores also asked the customer to get measured by professional tailors, following the guidelines given in the web site, so as to have the desired dress.

“The secret of purchasing perfectly fitting marieprom dresses is to first finding out the body type and the best dress that can impart a radiant fresh look. One has to understand different types and shapes and their special needs carefully to have the best fit. These dresses are embellished with exquisite appliqués and hand ruching for adequate fitting and glamorous look,” said the chief designer of the organization.

Marieprom does not add any taxes or VAT on the catalogue price except varying delivery charges for different delivery options. It has arrangements with carriers such as DHL, FEDEX, TNT, UPS, and always chooses the carrier based on weight and destination to deliver the dress timely and safely.

For in-stock dresses the online stores refund the full amount if cancellation is made before shipping the dresses. And for custom design dresses they have different schemes only if cancellation is made within 48 hours of order confirmation.

Marieprom red prom dresses are also available in various length, style, neckline, fabrics and city trends with options to add or remove straps and so on to suit the needs of the fashion savvy ladies.

About: Marie Prom, the China based prom dresses supplier online displays different prom dresses. For details visit

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