mroja: How to Impress Your Ex Once Again

How to Impress Your Ex Once Again

1 Led 2016 o 08:17 Do you know that women would decide within the very first minute of conversation whether they are attracted to you or not? You see this happens automatically for them and they more or less do not control it. The fact is that you control their emotional response towards you based on how you act and react around them. You might find the secrets you are about to be introduced to a bit insane but they sure do work. Read on to discover what these secrets are and make any girl like you fast.......

Women get turned off if you seek their approval- Yes this might be an insane concept but the fact is the a lot of guys out there seek approval from the woman they are trying to impress due to which the female instantly gets turned off. You see the reason being that women are attracted towards emotionally strong males who are powerful enough to make their own decisions and who don't seek approval.

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Show her that you don't need her- Well this might be a bit insane again according to a lot of guys out there as they feel that unless you show the girl that you are interested why would she even consider you? Well this might be true to a certain extent but if you show too much interest you might come across as needy and that's something every girl out there is trying to avoid at all costs.

Give equal amount of attention to her friends- This is one of the best possible ways to get a girl to seek attention from you. You see instead of paying all the attention to her and boosting her ego, you should pay equal attention to her friends and make her feel like any other girl out there. You see under this situation she would seek more and more attention from your end.

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