yoaltwar: You also have the option for having the other skill

You also have the option for having the other skill

24 Pros 2015 o 09:39
I'm an Artificer and I recently dropped Archaeology in support of Slicing Swtor Credits. So far it wasn't a problem will be able to buy my Archaeology materials away from the GTN. You also have the option for having the other skill you'll need on a second character and mailing the mats over. So it's definitely viable to craft with only 1 gathering/mission skill.

If you are going with two non-crafting skills there are many things to consider. Gathering skills provide more materials than pure mission skills since you can collect stuff as you're going around questing. Bioanalysis and Scavenging particularly are great because you're always killing things. On the flip side, whilst you have more to market so does all the others. So the supply is higher therefore the prices you can sell for are lower. However, considered one of my guildies uses Scavenging and tells me that she sells his mats for great prices, probably because Scavenging mats are employed by 3 crafting skills.

You can train increase your crew skills on the first visit to the Fleet, within the level 7-10 range. You can start your gathering profession immediately thereafter. And whenever you obtain the first companion, they may be sent to craft for you personally, or even execute crew skills missions.

If you continue a sharp eye out on your own mini map, you can create sure to travel from quest area to quest area via gathering nodes cheap swtor credits. Or if you might be lucky enough to have the capacity to recover materials from the slain foes, you can create sure to always kill an additional few silver mobs rather then sneaky past those to ensure you're keeping the materials base.

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